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I’ve heard so many women proudly exclaim, “I don’t need a man!” and in their hearts they have convinced themselves that to have what God ordained in the beginning of time to be true is somehow untrue or unreasonable for them. Therefore, they spend much time proving to themselves and others that doing everything alone, including pleasuring themselves is the way their lives are fulfilled and best served.

Yes, I agree that we don’t need anyone to hurt us physically, emotionally, or any other “LY” we can think of that is negative to our wellbeing, but God made each gender for a purpose and as quiet as it’s kept in today’s “me, mine, and I alone” society, neither gender was “ built to do life alone!”
All men are NOT evil and all women are NOT needy, although the types you’ve been attracted to may all be the same type, which is a reflection of your own self-worth and choices. In order to have the best, you must first change your perspective about what type of mate you’d like. You must also change things within YOURSELF that could be keeping the right person away from YOU! What a concept!

Try the following exercise:

Write down all the characteristics that you’d love in a mate from a spiritual and ethical perspective rather than from a physical and financial aspect only. Place a date on the list, pray over it, then place it somewhere safe where you can read it often and be ‘thankful’ for what is to come. This is called activating your faith! Afterwards, leave the rest to God! Don’t worry or stress about the list, just live your life expecting your gift to come!

Remember – we weren’t built to live our lives alone. There is a Soulmate for you! I’m a witness