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Without blurting it out loud, I thought to myself, “Five years old? What does a five year old child know about being gay?!” During those quick seconds of my son’s revelation to me about his sexual orientation, I literally felt my heart drop! The mother inside me was screaming “NO!!!” Yet, I was very careful not to allow the tone of my voice to change as our conversation on the phone progressed. I had to call on all my training in psychology to help me formulate my next words to him.

Written to educate, uplift, and encourage parents and Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT), OMG My Child is Gay! is an emotional, heart-gripping, true story of how I, a Christian, Psychologist, and mother dealt with the devastating news of my son coming out. The 90-page book shares my personal story; provides scientific research regarding homosexuality, relationship building – which shares how to build a loving and caring relationship in spite of what may be a painful experience. OMG My Child is Gay! is also designed to help siblings, experiencing difficulty accepting LBGT, discover how to cope with their emotions and still provide much needed emotional support.

It is my hope that through this book, families will be able to build long-lasting and loving relationships.